Our beloved Nuna left us...our hearts are broken...(')(')(')


Our Lalitek left us 13.02.2022...(')(')(')



She left us yesterday 01.02.2021...our beloved Somalka...

No words...




Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!


This year our pack has grown to two females, Aisa breed by us and new import from Romania, Hayabusa.

At the end of November we're expecting puppies from Oliver & Somalia (we invite you to Puppies section).

At the beginning of December we expecting first puppies of Bull Terrier in our kennel :)


Merry Christmas for all!!! :)


At 14 December we lost our beloved granny Kenya...it's very hard time for us...


We imported two new dogs to our kennel from Tenerife this year :)

Male Tedote and female Atenea!


The results of yesterday Moloss Club Show exceeded our wildest expectations :)

Our Oliver - Best Minor Puppy in Breed and Best Minor Puppy of Moloss Club Show! :)

Atenea - Best Junior in Breed and Youth Club Winner!

We're very proud!


05.08.2019 we welcome in this world 15 puppies (12 alive) from frozen semen of our Hiro :)

Thank You Doctor Robert Marczak :)


The biggest event this year is behind us... European Dog Show Ptak Expo Nadarzyn...

We're very proud of our dogs, they did great :)

WHITE PAW - excellent, 4/7 in junior class

WEIDA - excellent, 2/10 in junior class

GRANCA - excellent, 2/4 in champion class


15.05.2018 we welcomed 7 strong and very active puppies from our imported from the Canary Islands female Granca
and male Hiro which we produced.
We are more than happy because in this breeding we used frozen semen of Hiro :)


We welcome everyone in the New Year and wish you all the best :)
We have updated a little our website, namely: individual galleries of our dogs, we have added missing pedigrees, litter announcements for this year.
A new female imported from Hungarian breeding has also joined to our pack :)


Fantastic exhibition weekend for our Granca in Poznań.
On the first day of the exhibition Granca became Best Bitch in Breed, on the second day she became Best of Breed and Poland Winner :)


On 11.08.2017 we had a powerful storm.
Luckily, the house and the kennels weren't destroyed. Dogs feel good.
The garden and fence are completely destroyed and all the trees in the garden are broken or torn off with roots. There is no forests around us.
We would like to thank from all our heart everyone who help us in these difficult time, friends, firefighters and volunteers.
In front of us a lot of work on rebuilding this what is destroyed.
The image of a once high forest opposite to our house, after the passing of the storm ...


09.08.2017 we welcomed 10 strong and healthy puppies in the world :) More information in the "Puppies" tab.
We have also updated the "Exhibit Achievements" tabs in Acoran, Granca, Perla and Somalia.


We imported "new blood" to our kennel directly from Tenerife and Gran Canaria :)

We planning few very nice breedings this year in our kennel.


We're very pleased to announce that after over a year we have puppies in our kennel :)

Photos and informations about puppies in "Puppies" overlap.

We invite to reserve babies :)


Happy New Year :)


Merry Christmas to all of our friends and owners of dogs from our kennel :)


Yesterday at Internation Dog Show in Kielce we finished show season.

Our Hiro became Best of Breed under spanish judge Pascual Asensi Peinado.

We're very proud :)


It was fantastic show weekend. At two International Dog Shows in Poznań

our Hiro was 2x Best of Breed and received Poland Winner 2015 title :)

We're very proud :)


We would like to inform that our male Hiro is official Interchampion :)

It's second dog in our kennel with this title :)



At 16.03.2015 our Isla gives us 10 puppies :)


Yesterday our Naira finished Youth Championate of Poland :)


We just started new show season with our dogs in Nitra (Slovakia).

At two Internation Dog Shows our Naira got 2 x CAJC, 2 x Junior Winner, 2 x BOS

and Oudsider got 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB :)

We're very proud :)


Happy New Year for all :)


Merry Christmas to all of our friends and owners of dogs from our kennel :)


Yesterday at International Dog Show in Poznań we finished polish show season.

Hiro in champion class ranked at II place at a rate of four males and receive res.CACIB with excellent rate.

Launched Naira (Hiro's daughter) received excellent rate with I place, Youth Winner and Poland Junior Winner 2014 :D

We're extremely proud of Naira's show debut :)


Another successful show weekend in Bialystok, for us :)
On Saturday at the National Dog Show of II FCI group our Hiro won the champion class beating male from Russia.
    On Sunday at the International Dog Show, Dogo Canario was judged by a Spanish judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo
in whom, Hiro was the Best Male in Breed :)           
We are very proud of Hiro :)


At 14.08.2014 our Isla gives us 8 strong and very active puppies :)


 At 17.07.2014 our Kenya gives us two puppies (boy and girl) :) Now she is going to deserved retirement :)


We have puppies!!! :) More info in "Puppies"


Today's International Dog Show in ŁódŸ was very successful for us.
Our Hiro competed in the rate of very strong dogs in the opinion of
judge Juan Naveda Carrero (Spain) was the Best Male in Breed.
won CACIB and finished Interchampion title.
Due to the fact that this judge last year judged our breed at the World Dog Show in Budapest
Hiro's result is the reason for us to be proud of him.


Happy Easter to all our friends and owners of dogs from our kennel

wishes Nuestra Sangre Kennel :)


Today our hearts were broken, huge piece of us and our kennel left us, world collapsed...

Our beloved friend left us.

He gave us more than 8 years of beautiful moments, joy, love, faithfulness.

He learned us many things, we loved this breed thanks to him...

No other dog we already know will never replace him because he was the only one

and will always stay in our broken hearts...

We feel so damn bad ... we love you so much ...


Happy New Year to all friends and owners of dogs from our kennel

wishes all Nuestra Sangre :)


Warmest wishes for the coming Christmas,

may this time will be special and unique

with lot of happiness and peace.

Nuestra Sangre Kennel :)


It was great show weekend in Lithuania for our dogs - Hiro & Hayfa :)

Hiro - 2 x CAC, 1 x res.CACIB, 1 x CACIB, 1 x Show Winner, 1 x BOB and from now Lithuanian Champion :)

Hayfa - 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOS, 2 x Show Winner :)


It was great show weekend in Slovakia for our dogs - Hiro & Hayfa :)

Hiro - 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB and from now Slovak Beauty Champion :)

Hayfa - 1 x CAC, 1 x res.CAC, 1 x CACIB, 1 x res.CACIB :)


We added new photos to section "Gallery".


No words to our pain...

Goodbye our Tosia...


Today we lost one girl from Casta. She was too weak to survive.


We have puppies!!! :) More info in "Puppies"


We confirmed Casta's and Abella's pregnancy :)


Today we confirmed Isla's pregnancy :)


It was great show weekend for our dogs - Hiro & Harika :)

Hiro finished Championate of Poland :)

All results of these dog shows in "Show results" Hiro & Harika.


This weekend was great for us and our dogs :)

At Dog Shows in Lithuania, our dogs, Hiro and Isla were judged by two spanish judges (Rafael Malo Alcrudo and Juan Naveda Carrero) with great results:

Hiro - 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, Lithuanian Winner 2013! 

Isla - 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, Lithuanian Winner 2013!



Yesterday Kenya gives us 9 puppies ( 2 boys and 7 girls ) :)


Great news from last Dog Shows in Vilnius (Lithuania)!!!

Our Abella receive 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB and 2 x BOB!

These results gave her Lithuanian Champion title and she finished official INTERCHAMPIONATE as first Dogo Canario in Poland! :)


 At saturday our Tora gives us two puppies (boy and girl) :) Now she is going to deserved retirement :)


After two empty ultrasounds Tora did big surprise...
We thought that is imaginary pregnancy but yesterday ultrasound shown us puppies :D


Yesterday Casta gives us 9 puppies ( 3 boys and 6 girls ) :)


At Monday we were at ultrasounds with Abella because she lost her pregnancy belly few days ago...
She will not have puppies this time because of resorption of fetuses :(

Casta is doing very well and her pregnancy belly growing :)


We just received Abella's and Casta's Slovak Champion diplomas and we add them to girls achieve.

We add also new button "Tibetan Mastif" where we present our shaggy dog :D


Today we confirmed Abella's & Casta's pregnancy :)


We added new photos to section "Gallery".


We added new photos to personal galeries of our dogs.


Yesterday Kenya born 6 puppies. She did big surprise and gave 5 fawn puppies :)

This are first fawn puppies in our kennel history :)


After long time we update our website :) We welcome to section "Puppies", "Planned breeding", "Kennel", "Gallery" and "Our males" & "Our females".


New photos of Guapo & Guarana and new photos in section "Gallery" :)


Today we confirmed Abella's pregnancy :)


We would like to thank our friend Arek Nadolski and his mother Margaret from Arte Perruno for this wonderful gift :)

New photos of puppies (5 weeks old) in section "Puppies" :)


New photos of puppies (2 weeks old) in section "Puppies" :)


Yesterday we missed one female :( We fight for her but we lose...

Sleep little girl...


Yesterday our Tora born 11 puppies ( 8 males & 3 females ).

Mother and babies doing great :)


Please visit section "Kennel" where we put photos of "F" litter :)


Today we confirmed Tora's pregnancy :)


New photos in "Gallery" and in Casta's gallery :)


Today on National Dog Show in Miastko, our Abella get excellent mark, II place and she finished breeding rights :)

Now we waiting for psychic tests.


Today our beloved Shila gone from us...We'll never forget You our "grandma"...


September 14 we welcome in our home, daughter of our Ivan and Chakira :)

Small Casta fully settled at her new place :)


Yesterday on National Dog Show Włocławek, our Abella get Youth Winner, Best Junior, Best of Breed and finished Youth Champion of Poland :)


August 13 our beloved Elsa gone from us...we lost the fight with leishmaniasis...

We lost a part of us...she was the greatest dog...she understood us without words...
Now she is happy somewhere over the rainbow bridge...without pain...
Our girl we will always love you...


On International Dog Show Sopot, our Abella get Youth Winner and Best Junior :)


Latest photos of our dogs in section "Gallery".


Today our dog IVAN Campeon become a father of 12 beautiful puppies (7 females & 5 males).

Mother of puppies is CHAKIRA de la Roue Solaire from Pradera Kennel (Norway).