We welcome you warmly to our website of Presa Canario breed.

We are the only Polish kennel that is an official member of the Spanish Presa Canario Club in Tenerife (Club Espanol del Presa Canario).

Our adventure with Presa Canario began in 2005. After endless talks with our friends and owners of this dog breed and after browsing countless websites, we found a Campeon breed from Dawid Kret’s kennel. This is where we obtained our first dog who is called IVAN Campeon. We have learnt very soon that this formidable looking Presa Canario is full of unconditional love, devotion, composure and unique intelligence. Their courage makes one feel absolutely safe. This fascinating breed drove us to buy another dog – a bitch called TORA Campeon. That is how we came up with an idea of setting up our own kennel of this magnificent breed. We would like all the Nuestra Sangre puppies to find families among dog-loving, responsible people who would treat their dogs as we do ours, that is with love and passion.

Nuestra Sangre Kennel

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his lord.
He will be your, loyal and obedient to the last beating of his heart.
You're him, should deserve such devotion. "- Anonymous
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